Saturday, August 30, 2003

Words have definitely failed this week. That happens. But music still speaks, and here are a few ways in which it spoke to me lately:

1. The Stairs are from Dedham, Massachussetts. They got a grant to make a record. They used some elementary schoolkids to help design their CD cover art, and they utilized choirs and marching bands from local high schools, the ultimate community outreach. Oh, and there are handclaps, toy pianos, trumpets, samples, drum machines, chimes, Moogs, Rhodes, banjos, harmonicas, sitars, kitchen noises, tubas, and car effects on this glorious mess of a record, Miraculous Happens. Makes Broken Social Scene sound like Phillip Glass. See what you think. (I'll be reviewing it for PopMatters, but don't hold your breath, I'm way behind schedule here.)

You know, I ran out of both time and steam just now. Or, in other words, To Be Continued...

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